Christmas is the happy time of year when family and friends gather to spend their holidays while enjoying the holy spirit. The best but hectic part about the Christmas holidays is preparing your house for the perfect Christmas event. Cleaning is the primary thing when we think about maintaining the house. Some even hire residential cleaning services to make sure their house is neat and tidy before Santa’s visit.

While following the tradition is a terrific approach having cleaning services before holidays can be of great help. After the Christmas holidays are over learning how to pack Christmas decorations. You could choose to develop your own custom or refine more established procedures.

We’re here today to provide some advice on how to properly maintain and preserve Christmas decorations so they look lovely year after year.

Cleaning Christmas blow molds

If you are a fan of Christmas outdoor decorations then there is a high chance that you are a big fan of blow molds. The plastic, light-up figurines and decorations are known as blow molds. Think of Santa Claus, reindeer, and candy canes that are frequently used to adorn roofs, porches, and even lawns during the holiday season.

Factors affecting blow molds

Knowing how to clean, fix, and care for your blow mold properly is essential to ensuring its longevity. Whether you have a historical model that you received from a family member or a brand-new design. It is important as they are often made up of plastic which means they can easily be disrupted while being exposed to dirt, weather, UV rays, bright sun, and grime.

Cleaning of blow molds

Use of gentle cleaner

Cleaning your blow molds is a good idea before putting them away. As you pack away your decorations for the year, have a dust cloth and a spray bottle of mild cleaning close at hand. A little dusting is frequently adequate for indoor decorations and helps to maintain any paint or other features on the outside of each ornament. Before putting away outside decorations, you might want to gently wipe off any dust or outdoor filth.

Spot cleaning

Use baby wipes or a soft cloth and a mild cleaner to spot-clean excessively filthy places on your plastic decorations. To avoid damage, you should clean it delicately, especially if your blow molds are older. Since water-based paints are sometimes used to create plastic Christmas lawn decorations, strong detergents and excessive cleaning can cause the paint to fade or even come off.

Few ways to keep your blow mold in its prime condition

There are a few ways through which you can have your blow mold in its prime condition year after year. These are as follows;

  • Thoroughly clean your blow mold before storing it for next year.
  • Let it dry completely before putting it away.
  • Display your lawn decoration at an angle where they are not directly exposed to the sun. this will prevent the damage to their plastic body that the sun can cause.
  • You can replace the old lights with LED lights or fluorescent ones to give your outside decorations a whole new look.
  • Use clear epoxy to fulfill any kinds of cracks that appear in your blow molds.
  • You can use plastic pieces from the milk jug to replace the broken pieces on the blow mold.
  • In case the paint starts to fade you can revive its look by using spray paint.
  • Store the blow molds in a place where they are out of the weather. Instead of putting them in a garage, you can store them in the attic or in the basement.

Cleaning of blow-up decorations

A more modern take on the classic Christmas blow molds, inflatable holiday lawn decorations are considerably simpler to store. These contemporary lawn Christmas decorations are frequently illuminated. They can be considerably larger and more ornate than their plastic predecessors. The options for Christmas décor are essentially unlimited, ranging from full-size nativity scenes to Santa’s sleigh with all eight reindeer.

The basic difference between blow mold and blow-up decorations

The construction material—hard plastic for blow-mold Christmas decorations and flexible plastic or vinyl (far more durable) for blow-ups—is the fundamental distinction between the two types of decorations. This means you can be a little more forceful while cleaning because you don’t have to worry about washing the paint off.

Need of cleaning blow-up decorations

Surfaces of inflatable lawn decorations may contain germs and microorganisms. Despite the fact that most homeowners neglect the upkeep and care of inflatable lawn decorations. There are certain rules for their sanitation. You may use these simple but effective techniques to properly clean inflatable lawn decorations at home.

  • Prepare a mixture of your cleaning formula by mixing water and dish soap. As dish soap contains anti-bacterial substances so they would help in preventing the growth of microorganisms while gently cleaning the dirt from the surface of the blow-up decorations.
  • For stubborn stains instead of using harsh cleaning agents, you can use a mixture of water and baking soda. Lime juice with baking soda could also be an option to clean that stubborn stain.
  • Disinfectant wipes are a fantastic method to clean inflated surfaces that could be electrical and cannot be washed into a washing machine whether cleaning large or small inflatable lawn decorations.
  • Be careful with the batteries while cleaning them to prevent them from getting wet. If you want them to wash in the washing machine then make sure to remove the batteries or switch from them first.
  • Last but not least, if it’s warm enough, keep them inflated and dry them out in the sun. It will help in the drying of any excess water. Allow some of the air to escape if it’s too chilly, then bring your blow-up inside to dry.

Whether you need to clean the holiday decorations or your house. You can learn smart ways to do the cleaning quickly and efficiently.  Moreover, to have professional cleaning services you can rely on Glow up INC. Our maid services and other cleaning services would allow you to have thorough cleaning services for your place before or after the holidays. Any time of the year you want.

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