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We also offer exceptional Commercial Cleaning Services and Home cleaning services for our clients that will provide you excellent cleaning results and a healthy environment with every clean.

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We at glow-up clean provide affordable Housekeeping services without getting out of your budget. You might have faced some problems like cleaners coming late for your service, or sometimes not coming at all. They might provide poor service like not emptying bins after clean-ups, poor cleaning of the house, or making an uncomfortable environment of your house. This happens a lot but you don’t have to suffer anymore, we at glow up clean try our best to provide you a professional service. Since we’ve started our company the main goal has been to provide a quality cleaning service and better customer experience. We hire an expert cleaner and also provide additional training for providing extraordinary services. Because of our past quality services, top-class El Paso Housekeeping Services choose to glow up clean for their Housekeeping services. And we expect to provide you the same service when you’ll choose us. We are a great team of more than 50 cleaners that provide their services all over El Paso.

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A certified, professionally trained cleaning crew comes over and cleans your place to exceed your expectations.



Increased Disease Prevention and Quality cleaning with the Advanced Housekeeping Services Technology in El Paso

Technology plays a huge role in providing a professional clean and hygienic environment for a Housekeeping Services nowadays. And we use advanced and high-quality technology/equipment for our commercial cleaning service that no one else can provide.

This advanced technology equipment includes multi-functional vacuums for cleaning; they are less harmful to the environment and improve the cleaning experience for the commercial. This also helps in protecting the commercial environment for better germ prevention. We are the number one choice for commercial cleaning services in El Paso because no other cleaning provider is offering such advanced technology service.

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3 EASY Steps to hire a quality Housekeeping Services Contract

  • You can request a free onsite quote
  • You can request a free commercial cleaning service for the test
  • You can call us or send us an email, or visit our website and fill the form to book our commercial cleaning service any time.
  • You can discuss your requirements for quality service.

Most people have misconceptions about getting a quote; they think that they can get a quote over the phone. That is possible but not accurate most of the time because it demands different attributes/information to provide an accurate service. We will send our expert cleaner so you can provide better information about what you want for your service and together we can get you the quality service that you need.

What We Clean in Your House

Detailed Housekeeping Services:


Environmental friendly cleaning products


Detailed washroom cleaning


Thorough kitchen cleaning


Dusting furniture


Restocking washroom supplies


Taking out trash from bins and replacing bin’s liners


Detailed cleaning of furniture


Expert window cleaning service for the commercial

Our Housekeeping Services Programs Are Trusted by top Businesses throughout El Paso

Glow up clean is proud to provide number one Housekeeping Services  and Home cleaning services across El Paso. We offer quality services through our expert, friendly, secure, and reliable cleaners in every clean. You’ll 100% get a standard and satisfactory service throughout your service experience.

Why choose to Glow up clean for professional Housekeeping Services?

We at glow up clean are the number one choice for Housekeeping services because we’ve built a reputation and a name by providing quality service for years. We have a highly professional and experienced cleaning staff that understands the needs and preferences of customers that result in a quality cleaning experience. We have loyal customers for years because we provide quality service to meet the standards of our clients.

We believe in providing a detailed cleaning of a commercial without giving any excuses or skipping any spots, that’s what glow up clean better from other commercial cleaning service providers. We will not only clean your commercial but also organize it with expert techniques for your employee’s ease. That will help in reducing distractions for employees and results in more productive performance in no time.

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We believe that time is the most important thing that can’t be wasted on unnecessary things. We at glow up clean provide our commercial cleaning services that can be booked within minutes using our online website booking. We have experienced and skilled commercial cleaners with quality cleaning supplies and equipment, they’ll come to your commercial at the scheduled time and perform their service efficiently. We understand that every commercial has unique needs and prefer different times for their commercial cleaning service. We respect your time and offer a highly flexible cleaning service where you can select whatever time you want and we’ll be there for you.


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