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We are a commercial cleaning company that provides services to schools , child centers , offices , medical , health centers and many other businesses. We are Cleaning Services Dallas Texas for the most areas. Professional domestic cleaning services to give you a hand around the house.

Trusted Professionals:

Background checked fully insured and professional service for your house.


Saves You Time:

You can now book our expert service within minutes on our website and save your time.

Secure Payments:

Our easy payment method will soon process after the completion of the cleaning service.

Expert House Cleaning service in El Paso:

You don’t have to waste your weekends cleaning your house when you can enjoy your spare time with your family and things you love. You can call us to book our expert house cleaning service and let professionals handle the job for you! All you need to do is provide us your needs and we’ll ensure to serve you well. We’ll send off our professional cleaners to your house according to your needs and they will clean your house professionally in a short period.

Here’s why the cleaners we work with are El Paso’s finest:


  • They are secure and safe for your house cleaning service.
  • They are friendly and experienced so you can always rely on them.
  • Most importantly they are experienced and fully insured service. The quality performance using top-quality equipment and exceptional cleaning products that our cleaners use guarantee standard service for your house at any point

Why Choose Us:

Find out why we offer top-class cleaning services at glow-up clean across El Paso Texas.


Next Day Service:

Book your service today and our cleaner will be available the very next day at your service.


Friendly & Efficient Staff:

Our staff is friendly and efficient that will help you book your service smoothly.


Vetted Cleaners:

Every cleaner is hired after a though process of background and security checks.

  • 10 Years experienced and trusted home cleaners
  • You can get $20 off from your first cleaning service

We Clean El Paso Houses:

We provide the best of best cleaners for your house cleaning service at Glow up clean across El Paso Texas. We can guarantee our cleaners because we hired them after interviewing them properly and check all their background and references. We believe that an honest and hard work cleaner will benefit our company as well as will be able to provide quality services to you. We are an all-rounder in offering you quality cleaning services; besides regular cleaning, we offer other cleaning services like weekly, monthly, moving-in, and moving-out services as well.

You can hire our expert and skilled cleaners when you’re about to end your lease and we’ll take turn the house\\apartment as new and clean as possible. We will ensure to provide quality service for a smooth process for you to move out. We also offer a move-in service where any tenant wants to clean the apartment/house before moving in. Our cleaners will ensure that the house looks spotless and provide ease for your move. You can hire our expert house cleaning service right away if you’re looking for trustworthy, reliable, and secure service. Glow up clean is the number one choice for quality house cleaning service across El Paso Texas.

El Paso’s Best House Cleaner:

The non-stop busy work life makes it hard to spare time for simple house cleaning tasks because of a busy schedule. But you shouldn’t worry because glow up clean is the number one choice for house cleaning services across El Paso. After all, we offer professional and experienced cleaners for the job. They’ll come to your house and leave your house spotless whiling taking charge of all cleaning services. We will make your house appearance into a standard appearance for lasting good impressions on guests.

Leave all your worries to us! No matter what cleaning service you need, we will ensure that you get a quality service in no time. Our cleaners will come to your house at the scheduled time and will ensure to clean thoroughly your house using their expert skills. You don’t have to worry even slightest about security because we ensure our cleaners are reliable for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is my presence mandatory during cleaning?

No, it is not essential! Clients have full right to decide how they want their cleaning service; they can either stay or leave things to professionals. Trust us and leave us your key and you’ll always get back to a clean house.

Q: How much time is required for cleaning?

The cleaning period depends upon the size and condition of your house. From our side, we try to provide detailed\\thorough and quick service using our skills. We can come around a decided time frame and work accordingly.

Q: How do I book a house cleaning service?

You can book our exceptional services by calling us at (201) 386-9397 and our customer service will take care of your appointment. Or you can simply book our services online through our website, you’ll have to provide some information and press some buttons and you’re good to go.

Q: How many cleaners will be required for my house cleaning?

We provide two cleaners as per our standard service but additional cleaners can be provided if clients will need any more. In other cases, we can also minimize our time to one for smaller places.

Q: Can I cancel anytime?

Of course! You can cancel our service anytime because we don’t charge our clients for booking unless we provide any services.

Q: What happens if I'm unsatisfied with your services?

We are always open for feedbacks and recommendations, you can let us know about issues you’re facing and we can improve your service. Our main goal is to provide satisfactory service to our clients every time, that’s why we work on our self to provide standard service.

Q: How can I get a quote?

You are required to fill a form during booking our service and we will instantly provide you a quote. Our system is built in a way that after providing necessary information it’ll calculate the time and number of cleaners that you need for a quality cleaning. We can provide additional services to our clients as well as they want. All they have to do is click on additional services. We will ensure to provide all these services at affordable prices.

Q: What's included in a general home cleaning service?

When you book your house cleaning service with Glow up clean, you’ll get a professional clean for your house that includes cleaning of kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas. Our expert cleaners ensure that the whole house is cleaned thoroughly because they double-check the services that are required to fulfill in everyday cleaning.

Q: We offer customized house cleaning services as well that includes:

Deep cleaning (additional service to remove mold, build up scum, extra dust from furniture in detail)

  • Oven cleaning (detailed cleaning of the inside oven and its belongings)
  • Detailed Fridge interior cleaning
  • Customized window cleaning service
  • Balcony cleaning service
  • Changing bed sheets every day
  • Special carpet steam cleaning service Besides these additional services if you have any specific requirement you can tell us about it and we’ll ensure to provide a satisfactory service according to your standards.

Q: Do I need to provide cleaning equipment/products?

No, you don’t need any personal equipment or cleaning products. Our expert cleaner will come along with all the necessary products and equipment for your service. But again, we respect your choice, if you want that cleaners should use your cleaning supplies and equipment then we’ll be happy to use them.


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